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All About Trust

Trust & Wealth is a group that provides services for the administration of family assets.

Established in London in 2008 as a trust company, it aims to provide a comprehensive and complete range of services at a high professional level in order to meet the needs of those who want bespoke solutions for the management of their wealth.

Alongside the fiduciary services, Trust & Wealth developed an innovative multifamily office platform, thus ensuring the customer proper implementation of strategies aimed at protecting assets, always acting with the utmost transparency and independence with different banking partners and asset managers.
These solutions are intended as the perfection of the family’s asset planning, as they secure the wealth and allow it to grow over time, overcoming the different stages of life issues that require proper attention and a personalized approach that only a company with values such as Independence, Trust, Passion, Practicality and Proactivity can guarantee to its clients.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Each lawyer at Trust law firm focuses exclusively on civil matters, we have choosed our lawyers taking into account their experience and ability to handle all cases.

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Our Approach

At Trust & Wealth we aim to be the single point of contact that can interface our customer with all the various consultants, providers and professionals working in the client’s best interest.
Having a multitude of consultants and advisors to deal with often requires a third party to step in and coordinate.
We are experienced at acting in these circumstances, in order to maximise opportunities and implement suitable and prompt responses to each issue.