Family Governance Strategy

Family Governance Strategy

We aim to protect and develop the financial and cultural assets of families which contribute towards g u a r a n t e e i n g s u b s e q u e n t generations a sure and suitable level of affluence.
Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

Our aim is to be fully independent and build long term relationships in order to deliver the best tailored solution to suit our clients’ circumstances. We put our clients at the centre of everything we do and create wealth strategies for them that are entirely customised and related to the clients’ personal needs.
Consolidated Reporting

Consolidated Reporting

We provide our clients with bespoke consolidated reports that allow them to control their assets and enhance their value. The data collected allows our clients to monitor the value of their wealth, manage risk, make comparisons necessary for decisions about investments and managers, and change strategy where appropriate.
Family & Wealth Mapping

Family & Wealth Mapping

We work with our clients to map and analyse their entire wealth, not just financial assets. This allows us to implement solutions to avoid and limit risks, to optimize the management of client’s activities and to buy into the best opportunities available.
Nominee Services

Nominee Services

Our nominee service is completely transparent offering a broad range of nominee options and features always ensuring full compliance with the relevant jurisdictions allowing the client to maintain complete confidentiality.
Trustees and Protectors

Trustees and Protectors

Thanks to the experience of our professionals and our organization, we have the ambition to present ourselves as a \\\"single point of contact\\\" providing all the facilities needed to properly set up and implement a trust and to manage the various stages of its life in a simple and technically impeccable way. We also play the role of protector in order to guard the beneficiaries’ interest following the principles of equity.


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Consigliere di amministrazione - Broker di assicurazione specializzato nelle soluzioni di private-insurance e nelle tematiche assicurative legate alla pianificazione patrimoniale.


Consigliere di Amministrazione
Consigliere di amministrazione - Dottore Commercialista, laureato in Economia e Legislazione d’Impresa presso l’Università di Verona con tesi di diritto tributario in fiscalità nazionale ed estera del trust...


Consigliere di Amministrazione
Amministratore delegato - Dottore Commercialista, laureata in Economia e Commercio all\\\'Università di Trento con Master in Studi Europei e Relazioni Internazionali all\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Università La Sapienza di Roma...


Amministratore Delegato
We suggest innovative, interdisciplinary solutions, with an eye to the future trends, the strength of our tradition, and relying on teamwork and constant research activities.
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